Breakfast for Dinner

hmmmmmmm Yummmyyyyyyyyyyyyy

Friday Night Dinners -- PDX

Among our Friday Night Dinner group, I think it would be safe to say that breakfast is one of our favourite meals. Taylor loves breakfast so much, she wrote an entire entry on her website dedicated to this brilliant meal, which you can find here. Combining our love of breakfast with our weekly Friday Night Dinners resulted in a breakfast for dinner theme this week. There is so much more to breakfast than toast or cereal (although I do love a good bowl of oatmeal :)). You can cook eggs multiple different ways, make pancakes, waffles, french toast, cook up some bacon; there is an endless list of delicious breakfast foods. You’re mouth is watering just thinking about it, isn’t it? Thought so. We had a fantastic spread of breakfast foods on Friday: waffles with every topping imaginable, fried potatoes, crustless mini quiches, fruit salad and the most important…

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