Workin’ On It Wednesday – Back on Track!


Enough Excuses!

Whew! That PMS cloud I was experiencing last week has passed.

And I lost 2 lbs this week! My goal was to lose 1.5, so I exceeded my goal! I was a little short of my goal last week, so I’m right back on track and am down 6 lbs since I started seriously workin’ on it… again.

Not counting last Wednesday, my week was pretty good. If you don’t remember last Wednesday, read about it here. I’ve been doing a pretty good job with planning my meals ahead of time.

I’ve been eating a lot of the fruit salads, see picture above. I tend to get on food jags, and this is my latest one. I usually have this as a side item, not just the salad (that would not be enough calories or protein). It’s pretty easy to make and take to work. I use bagged Romaine…

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