Puten-Schnitzel with Roasted Kohlrabi and Peppers

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Cooking in Sens

I love going to the supermarket and trying to guess what’s in the packages.  There’s usually a pictorial hint like the one on this package.  Yellow chicken on the left which meant, according to the picture and meat in the package, abnormally large flattened chicken breasts!  Right?

Wrong.  The chicken apparently stands for poultry products and the picture is captioned “turkey cutlet” or Puten-Schnitzel.  Okay, now we know.  The Germans have normal sized chickens like everybody else and do more with turkey than we do.

I didn’t want to bread the cutlets like wienerschnitzel (bleah) as suggested by the majority of German sites I found, so I found a recipe that didn’t involve breading at http://easygourmetdinners.com/recipe/chicken/turkey_grilled_soy_mustard.html that used a marinade of soy sauce and mustard.  I made some slight changes but it was a good marinade that I heated after the turkey had finished marinating and used as a sauce for the cooked cutlets.

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